How to Whitewash Wood Furniture? | 8 Step Guide on Whitewashing Wooden Furniture

Do you love spending time around your wood furniture and giving it a different look by decorating or coloring it?

Yes, of course, that’s why you are looking for How to Whitewash Wood Furniture easily?

Then here is A Step Step Guide on Whitewashing Wooden Furniture.

You might be looking at your furniture from a different perspective when you compare your living room with the other parts of your home, of a wooden furniture lover.

There is something about wood furniture that makes it perfectly suited for furniture lovers, in particular, those who seek to have something unique in their homes.

In the wood furniture industry, it’s important to make sure you keep things nice and clean.

Wood furniture is very delicate, and there are many different ways to affect the look of your furniture.

If you keep the wood furniture spots clean, it not only looks nice, it is very beneficial for the health of your wooden furniture.

You can use any type of stain or sealer that you want, but you should avoid anything that is going to dry out or scratch the wood.

Cleaning wood furniture goes beyond sweeping and vacuuming.

There are many ways to get wood furniture looking new again to the more cost-effective methods like Using a Bleach Solution.

In this detailed guide, we will tell some of the more cost-effective and easy methods for Whitewashing Your Wood Furniture.

How to Whitewash Wood Furniture | Easiest & Quick DIY Technique

How to Whitewash Wood Furniture 8 Step Guide on Whitewashing Wooden Furniture

How to Prepare for Whitewashing Wood Furniture?

Reminder: Before starting any DIY project makes sure you follow the safety guidelines. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions for any item or tool while going for any DIY project.

Step 1: Cleaning the Furniture

It is always recommended to clean your furniture before whitewashing or applying any type of paint to it.

While whitewashing your furniture, there may be some areas of grease, cracks, splinters, or any other defects that require attention.

If there is any spot of grease on your furniture, it may affect the whitewashed finish.

STEP 2 – Remove Previous Paint or Finish From the Furniture

Sandwash your furniture before going forward with whitewashing it. For that, you must use some tools for it to protect yourself and your furniture also.

Basic Needs for Sandblasting the Furniture
  1. Eye Protecting Goggles: to protect your eyes from chemicals
  2. Protective Face Mask: to protect your face and lungs from chemicals
  3. Electric Sandblaster: to sandblast furniture
  4. Sandpaper: will be used in sandblasting
  5. Wire Brush: will use in cleaning the dust
  6. Lint-Free Cloth: will be used in final cleaning the dust from furniture

If your furniture’s surface is scratched, then first make it smooth with the help of an electric sander.

STEP 3: Brush the Wooden Furniture

Then, scrub the furniture surface using a wire brush to remove the dust from the surface, and then scrub it using a damp cloth.

STEP 4: Basic Materials Required for Whitewashing the Wood Furniture

Here is a list of some supplies that you’ll need for whitewashing wood using chalk paint.

  1. White Chalk Paint
  2. Water
  3. Old Spoon
  4. Glass Jar or Paint Tray
  5. Lint-Free Rag Cloth
  6. Paintbrush

How to Make Whitewash Using Chalk Paint?

If you want to know How to Whitewash Furniture with Chalk Paint, this is the way you can use to whitewash your wood furniture. Follow the given steps and enjoy.

STEP 5: Diluting the Paint

It is very easy to create whitewashing material using chalk paint.

Simply add some amount of chalk paint into the paint tray or jar and mix it with the water in a cup.

A little bit of paint will be sufficient to begin, based on how big the pieces of furniture you’re painting are.

STEP 6(A): Whitewashing a Wooden Furniture | Paintbrush & Rag (Cloth) Method

There are several methods that you can do whitewashing your furniture using chalk paint.

The first step is to apply the whitewash to the furniture surface, and then wait for some minutes before wiping it away with a lint-free cloth.

Keep doing this until you are pleased with the result.

Chalk paint is a water-based solution and is extremely fast-drying, which means your wood will dry very quickly if you use chalk paint.

But, this also means you need to be fast to ensure that the chalk whitewash paint doesn’t dry before you have had time to wipe it off.

STEP 6(B): Whitewashing a Wooden Furniture | Paintbrush Method

Another method of whitewashing the wood using chalk paint is to paint the whitewash on the wood, and then continue to blend it over the entire wood without wiping the paint off.

The whitewashing solution should be more liquid, in this situation.

This will result in more dense coverage but the grain will be visible.

You may add as many coats as would like until you’re happy with the quality of the final finish of the wood.

If you prefer a less transparent finish, add additional paint to the mix.

A Smal Tip: When you whitewash wood, whether pine or other wooden furniture, ensure your paint is in line with the grain. If you’re using a rag to get rid of the paint ensure that you do it in the right direction, too. If you do this you’ll get a more natural and uniform finish.

How Many Coats of Chalk Paint You Should Use for Whitewashing Furniture?

STEP 7: Paint Multiple Times

Since chalk paint is very easy to dry, even if use it for whitewash, you should be able to begin the second coat in a matter of minutes after you’ve finished the first.

The amount of whitewash you apply is dependent on the style you want to achieve and the darkness of the furniture.

Whatever color your furniture was before you whitewash it, it will become the shade that will show through the whitewash after you’re done, which makes sense.

Am I right?

Another Smal Tip: Here’s the guide on How to Do Whitewashing on Wood Furniture? If you’re applying whitewash with the rag method for removing the whitewash. The paint is dry before you’ve had a chance to clean it. Use spray bottles to mist areas with water. The chalk paint is water-based and can easily dilute if misted with water. Do not try to clean the paint off once it is dried, without misting it first with water – you may ruin the appearance!

How to Finish Whitewashing Wood Furniture?

STEP 8 – Completing the Whitewashing Process on Wooden Furniture

The method you use to do your job with your new whitewashed furnishings is based on two factors.

  1. What is your plan to utilize the furniture?
  2. Personal preference

For surfaces and tabletops that you are likely to use a lot, I recommend water-based polyacrylic to create the final finish.

It is crucial to find one that is not likely to become yellow when exposed to sunlight.

Polycrylic forms a tough water-tight seal, which means that furniture won’t be damaged by spills or tiny scratches.

Other than tabletops I prefer clear wax.

If you like to protect your furniture completely by overusing polyacrylic, you can apply that as well.

I like the silky feeling of wax on furniture, but it is your personal choice what you like to do.

If you are confused about how to apply wax on furniture, read this step-by-step guide.

Whitewashing Wood Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) While Whitewashing Wood Furniture

Can We Use Chawk Paint to Whitewash Furniture?

In short. the answer is yes. You can whitewash wooden furniture with chalk paint.

The great thing about chalk paint used to whitewash wood is that it can produce different effects based on how much whitewashing paint is applied.

Can We Whitewash on Varnished Wood Furniture?

No, you can not whitewash on varnished furniture.

The wood must not contain any type of stain or varnish that will stop the whitewash from soaking the wood.

But, if you’d like to give the table a solid color using chalk paint, there’s no requirement to take off the varnish first, unless it’s chipping away.

Because the chalk paint can cover varnish beautifully.

You must apply at least three coats, depending on how dark your furniture is as well as how opaque you’d like the final coat to appear.

How to Chalk Paint on Pinewood?

Chalk paint is a great option that can be used as paint on any type of wood.

To paint the wood a solid color to ensure that the grain can no more be seen, it is necessary to add a knotting solution to the pinewood before applying it.

Knotting solutions bind knots and prevent tannin from flowing into the paint and damaging your furniture finish.

How to Whitewash Dark Furniture?

You can whitewash dark furniture as well but you need to remember that since the wood is dark, you need to paint it multiple times to give it a complete look.

Can You Whitewash Over Stained Wood?

You must not whitewash stained wooden furniture because its stains will damage the look. You must first clean all the stains with the help of sandpaper. And then you can apply the whitewashing paint on it.

Final Thought on Whitewashing a Wooden Furniture

That was it.

I hope this Step by Step Guide on How to Whitewash Wood Furniture is helpful. Now just go and decorate your furniture.

If you have any suggestions on adding, removing, or correcting something from our guide. Please use the comment box below

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