How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture? A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Your Aluminum Furniture

If you are actively searching for How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture? then here your search is completed.

Cleaning aluminum furniture that has powder coating might appear to be a simple task starting, and after a bit of research, it turns out it is quite a difficult job to do.

Cleaning patio furniture that is coated in powder is easy with different metal cleaning agents.

Chemical cleaning products can harm the powder coatings, so make sure to use a mild dishwashing detergent along with water and a sponge.

If your furniture is really dirty you can make use of an electric pressure washer also called, a power washer, as it will not cause any harm to your furniture and its powder coating.

Here, in this article, I will tell you exactly, How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture? in detail.

I will cover all the steps to clean your aluminum furniture with powder coating and also answer additional questions that are commonly asked about this procedure…

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture?

Cleaning outdoor furniture that has been coated with powder is simple.


Some harsh chemicals can damage its powder coating, so make use of moderate dishwashing detergent water and a sponge.

  1. If your furniture is really dirty, Power washing will not harm the powder coating’s durability.
  2. To wash furniture coated with powder, first wash it with the help of a hose or a power washer.
  3. Mix the warm water in a bucket and a little dishwashing soap.
  4. Sponge it down or use a gentle brush to apply soap. And then rinse it.

To keep outdoor furniture safe Experts recommend car wax as a shield to protect it.

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture

Rub the car wax as you would do on your car, applying it onto the furniture and then wiping it off.

The powder coating on furniture has been used for a long time, starting in the 1960s. The durability of powder coating is because it is baked onto.

A good quality powder coating can ensure your furniture is rustproof as well as heat-resistant and fade-resistant.

Powder coating is denser and more durable than any other normal color paint.

It means 1 powder coating is as same as three paint coatings, so it is also more resistant to scratches and chips.

Handrails, stairs, fences, car parts outside lighting fixtures, outdoor furniture, and guardrails are all powder coated.

A majority of metals like aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, as well as brass, can be coated with powder.

Fiberboard, glass, wood plastic, as well as a variety of composite materials, are also powder coated.

It is a non-stick coating process that includes several processes.

The object must be cleaned and roughed to ensure that the coating sticks well with it.

Then, the furniture is sandblasted.

After that, it is dipped into an oil-based degreaser.

The coating of powder is applied by using the electrostatic sprayer. After that, the coating is baked in an oven.

The majority of furnishings for outdoor use are heated to about 300° F.

There are four major kinds of powder coatings that include epoxy, polyester as well as fluoropolymers, and urethanes.

Majorly, epoxy is used for indoor furniture as it fades under sunlight.

Polyester is the most frequently used powder coating for furniture by professionals.

It is used on the majority of outdoor furniture due to its being extremely robust against the Sun’s UV light and a lot of cleaning chemicals.

Fluoropolymer coating is also a widely used powder coating technique for outdoor furniture as it can hold colors very well and are also resistant to corrosion.

Urethane is a close relative to polyester, however, it is harder and less flexible.

It also costs more compared to polyester-based powder coating.

Powder coating is quite an eco-friendly process and it has no emission of harmful substances or chemicals.

How to Clean Oxidized Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Funiture?

To Remove Oxidation from Your Aluminium Patio Furniture, you can consider using a DIY vinegar mix, or choose other cleaning agents available on Amazon.

If you decide to purchase a cleaning agent, ensure that it is designed for powder coatings since some harsh chemicals could harm your furniture’s coating.

How to Clean Oxidized Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Funiture

If the cleaner is too harsh to use on your naked hands and the manufacturer suggests using gloves then it is also harsh for the powder coating you have on your aluminum patio furniture.

If the furniture is not too dirty, mix some gentle dishwashing soap into an empty bucket.

Make use of a sponge or a soft brush to gently scrub your furniture, and then wash away the soapy liquid.

For furniture with more dirt, Experts advise using a power washer on furniture coated with powder, as it’s durable.

Dry the furniture. Then, mix an equal amount of white vinegar with water into the bucket.

Make use of a sponge or a soft cloth to remove the oxygenation from your powder-coated patio furniture.

You can keep your furniture safe from further oxidation by applying car wax to it.

Remove the dry residue of wax using the help of a microfiber cloth. This maintenance every one or two years can stop any further oxidation.

How To Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture?

Here a genuine question arises, Can We Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture?


You can remove the powder coating from furniture. However, it is not a simple task to make it happen.

How to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture with Chemical Stripping?

It is possible to strip the powder coating using chemicals, or you can sandblast it, or apply sandpaper to small areas.

If you have large areas of damaged coating on the furniture, and you want to remove it from the entire furniture, experts recommend chemical stripping is the best way to do so.

Things to Remember While Using Chemical Strippers on Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture

The disadvantage of using chemical strippers is it uses very harsh chemicals in the process.

They can harm your skin when in contact and their fumes are dangerous.

Take care and protect your hands and skin, do not directly contact the chemicals as well as the surface of the lawn or patio.

Make use of this stripper inside a ventilated area. Make sure that pets and children are kept away as it is harmful to them.

How to Use Chemical Stripper to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture?

  1. The first step is to test the stripper in a safe and small area of furniture which is not easily visible.
  2. You must ensure that you achieve the results you desire when applying your entire furniture.
  3. Apply the stripper using the disposable brush and allow it to run for the recommended times.
  4. The coating on the powder should come off and then bubble up. After that, you can use a rag to clean off the furniture.
  5. All the coating may not come out the first time, so you will have to apply to strip more than one time to get all the coating out from the furniture.

How to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture with Sand Blasting?

If you think chemicals are not suitable for you and if you don’t want to use chemical stripping, the next option is to sandblast large sections or whole furniture pieces.

How to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture with Sand Blasting

Things to Remember While Using Sand Blaster on Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture

Sandblasters can be compared to power washers and also you will enjoy this process as well.

But, be careful with it.

Like the power washer, they could cause damage to your children, your pets, and even other areas of your home. So be aware and be in a controlled environment.

If you don’t own an air sandblaster in your home, you can buy it from anywhere.

Find out the most effective blasting medium to blast the powder coating. Medium sand is usually the best choice.

Sandblasting is best performed when there are no winds.

If you’re having a sunny, calm day, select the best spot to sandblast.

Pick a location that is secure in the sense that you won’t damage other things accidentally, such as the wall or your rose garden.

Wear protective eyewear like glasses and clothes. Put on a mask to protect your lung from dust. Make sure that pets and children are kept away.

How to Use Sand Blaster to Remove Powder Coating from Aluminium Patio Furniture?

Follow the entire instruction for the blaster, and then place tarps on your furniture.

  1. Try the sandblaster out on an area that is not visible easily on your furniture.
  2. Then, blast until you can see nothing but metal.
  3. If you are satisfied with the result, you can sandblast the entire furniture.
  4. When you’re done sandblasting wash the furniture thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  5. For metal that is not bare, use the primer first, or the spray with primer.

How to Remove Scratches from Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture with Sand Paper and Sading Brush

If you only want to sandblast small areas of furniture, such as scratches or chips which need to be touched up, try using sandpaper instead of a sandblaster.

Paint won’t stick to the powder coatings without some roughing it up. Make use of medium-grade sandpaper.

Sanding brushes are ideal for small scratches.

Be careful and do not rub areas that don’t need it since the paint will not last longer than the original powder coat.

  1. Take some exterior, primed furniture spray that is matched.
  2. Paint the area in a way that the spray paint can be only applied to the affected areas only.
  3. You can also apply a liquid primed exterior paint and apply it using the use of a small paintbrush.

How to Repair or Restore Faded Powder Coating of Aluminium Patio Furniture?

Powder coating is durable however, even powder coating requires some care. But it might be possible that your furniture got some oxidation.

And now what..?

Searching everywhere, How to Restore Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture?

To revive faded furniture that is coated with powder, you can consider using car wax. Also, you can consider using a powder coating polish.

  1. Choose a day with a lot of sunshine.
  2. The first step is to clean your furniture by soaking it in dishwashing soap in a warm water bucket.
  3. Make use of a spray nozzle and hose or a power washer to wash all soap and dirt off.
  4. Then, leave the furniture to dry.
  5. It’s always best to begin any project by working on a smaller and not easily visible area of the furniture. When you’re satisfied with your results, complete the whole part of the furniture.
  6. For the small area, you need to cover, use an abrasive sponge or microfiber cloth to apply a tiny amount of polish or car wax on your furniture. Rub it into. Similar to your car.
  7. Apply the wax to the surfaces coated with powder and allow it to dry for some time.
  8. Then, wash off any wax residue.
  9. Make sure you remove large wax blobs from furniture since they’ll get hardened in the sun on a hot day.

How to Remove Oxidation from Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture?

If powder-coated aluminum furniture comes in contact with outside elements like air, oxygen, and moisture, oxidization takes place on it.

Oxidation is a form of corrosion that could damage the furniture’s surface but also damage its overall appearance.

If it is not treated well, oxidation may result in the pitting of the metal and the cleaning process will never help repair it.

Get rid of the oxidation if it seems to increase the lifespan of the furniture.

Here is a Step By Step Guide on How to Remove or Clean Oxidation from Powder Coated Patio Furniture:

  1. Get rid of dirt and grime off your aluminum furniture by using mild soap, water, and a sponge.
  2. After that, let it dry for some time.
  3. Mix 1 quarter cup of white vinegar and 1 one-quarter cup of water in an empty bucket.
  4. Make use of the sponge to scrub away any oxidation or light spots from the aluminum coating on your furniture.
  5. Use a quarter-sized amount from finely cut automotive rubbing compounds specifically designed for aluminum onto a terrycloth or rag.
  6. Circularly rub the compound on areas that have moderate oxide.
  7. The compound should dry and then clean off the furniture’s surface with a clean terry cloth or a microfiber cloth.
  8. Mix dishwashing soap into the water. Make use of super-fine steel wool, immersed in soapy water to cleanse areas with high oxide.
  9. Cleanse furniture using fresh water after the oxidation has been eliminated.
  10. After all of this stuff. Just let it dry.

How to Clean Patio Furniture Mesh?

If your patio furniture is covered in mesh, it can be a bit of a hassle to get it clean. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to get the dirt and debris off of the mesh without having to go through the trouble of buying a new piece of furniture.

Follow the given 3 Steps to Clean Patio Furniture Mesh:

  1. Wash the furniture mesh with mild soap and water.
  2. Dry the furniture mesh with a clean cloth.
  3. Apply a coat of furniture polish to the furniture mesh.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs) about Cleaning Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture

How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

Many professionals agree on the fact that a high-quality powder coating can last at least 15 to 20 years. It’s much more robust than any other paint.

How to Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Outdoor Furniture?

There are several ways to clean your Powder Coated Aluminium Outdoor Furniture. The first and easiest way to do it is DIY with cleansing products made for aluminum. Apart from these products, you can also clean your furniture with Chemical Stripping, Sandblasting, and Sandpapers.

How to Remove Stains from Powder Coated Furniture?

To remove the stains from Powder Coated Furniture, you have to first rub the stains with sandpaper and then wash it properly with the dishwashing soap water. At the last, apply some car wax to it.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Powder Coated Aluminium Patio Furniture

Cleaning Your Powder Coated Aluminum Patio Furniture is relatively easy if you just stay away from those harmful chemical cleaning products.

Just get some mild dishwashing soap, a bucket of water, and a sponge, and get stuck in – and if that doesn’t clean all the dirt then you can also turn to the pressure washer without damaging your furniture.

Aaaand Boom!

It’s great to know that one job on the list of household chores is not that hard! 🙂

Keep cleaning and shining your furniture. 🙂

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